Welcome to Cape Town Unitarian

Cape Town Protea

As we express wonder at the variety of wild flowers that grow in Cape Town soil, so we delight in the diversity of people and beliefs in our community.

Are you looking for a community where you will be treated as an individual, where you can freely develop your spirituality and think for yourself based on your own life experiences and your chosen sources of inspiration? If so, you are welcome to explore with us.

You will meet thoughtful, interesting people who will be willing to share their spiritual journey and personal experiences. We gather together to help each other grow.

We will welcome anyone who comes to our community regardless of their beliefs, colour, ethnicity, or sexual orientation because we believe that hospitality is a spiritual practice and that diversity will stimulate us to a greater understanding of life.

You are invited to attend our services which are held at 10:30 am every Sunday. Our congregation, the first Unitarians in South Africa, is in the central part of Cape Town (the CBD or City Bowl)  in an historic building at 64 Hout Street, just off Long Street. (There is guarded, inside parking directly across the street.) We gather informally without pews and occasionally in the round. We listen to a reflection on some topic relevant to our lives, we sing, we pray, and we share the joys and concerns of our hearts. More details about our Unitarian services can be found at What to Expect on Sunday (FAQ).  There is a Cape Town Unitarian Community congregation in Somerset West, as well.

We are a spiritual community where there is:

  • Respect and acceptance for all – the religious, the humanist, and the skeptic,
  • No dogma to be believed and no guilt prescribed,
  • Reverence for all the great religious teachings and traditions,
  • A commitment to upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person,
  • A desire to nurture our inner dimensions,
  • A search for justice and fairness in our society, and
  • A sense of gratitude for the natural wonders of the earth.

If you are interested in learning more about Unitarianism, first go to the Brief on Unitarianism.  You can find  a great deal more information by then going to the Exploring Unitarianism page which includes links to many other sites including diverse faiths that may be of interest. The  SA Unitarian History link will tell you about our congregation’s founding in 1867 and  the  outstanding ministers who kept independent thinking alive in this country’s very conservative religious environment.

To learn about our ministers or contact them, please click on this link.

To visit our Cape Town Congregation Facebook page, please click on the icon below