Activities You May Find of Interest

Sunday School ( Chalice Kids)

If you have young children, they can be enrolled in our Sunday morning program for religious exploration. If you are interested in teaching an occasional class for the Sunday school, to provide the children some of your talents, it would be a good way to contribute to enriching our environment.  You can learn a lot more about our program for children on this page.

Sunday Volunteers

A lot of people are needed to support our Sunday services. Perhaps once a month, you may volunteer to bring flowers to liven our sanctuary, help serve refreshments after the service, help welcome guests who are visiting,

Presenting a Reflection

If you have special interest in a topic that you would like to share with our congregation, you may work with our minster to tailor it into a Sunday morning reflection.

Use our Library

We have a library of several hundred books, most on topics related to life and to spirituality. You are welcome to borrow them.

Charitable Causes

We have provided assistance to various charities in Cape Town such as  Christmas boxes for a children’s crèche, contributions to Ons Plek for homeless girls, and others.


Some of the issues that activist church members have become involved in include fracking in the Karoo, gay pride issues, freedom of information, green energy, and others.

Visit an Elderly Member

We have a few members who are usually unable to attend our Sunday services. Its easy and fun to pay an occasional visit to these people who really enjoy some company.

Board Games

Once a month, adults and children play board games after the service.

Spreading Unitarianism

Zola Makulukua, a member of our church and church council, started the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship in Mbekweni, Paarl, last year.

Gur Mouanga is working on  project called Unitarian  Universalist Action for Africa. In cooperation with the Unitarians in the USA, Gur will be working to spread the message of our faith to Congo Brazzaville and to strengthen the message in other African groups.

Invited Speakers

In order to understand more about the world and the people around us, we often have invited speakers on may different topics, some religious and some not.






  • Desmond Tutu