Family and parenting (and grand-parenting) are topics of great interest to Unitarians. These links below will help give you some insight into discussions on this subject.

UU Parenting

Michelle Richards regularly writes a very popular blog about children and parenting. Join in the conversation with her and other parents about some of the unique challenges and joys of raising children in the spirit of Unitarianism

Pantheist Kids

This is not a Unitarian site, but its goals are admirable and it may resonate with parents exploring here. This site was developed by a Cape Town mother and suggests readings, videos, and craft projects for children to introduce them to the world of nature. Just a few of the beliefs of pantheists include reverence for Nature and the wider Universe, active respect and care for the rights of all humans and other living beings, and strong naturalism, without belief in supernatural realms, afterlives, beings or forces.

UU@Home  Our Unitarian Universalist faith tradition calls us to live our Principles and values the very best we can every day of the week; and let’s face it, this is not an easy task! (Unitarians in the United States are called Unitarian Universalists, or UUs,  for historical reasons.) In support of that ideal, this site provides many ways to build a UU Home; check-in each month for a new simple idea to help UUs, young and old, strengthen a sense of UU culture at home. (Note that this website is no longer updated bur it still includes lots of interesting material.)