Unitarians are involved in and/or support many religious and humanitarian groups all across the globe. A sample of these organizations who work to improve communication among faith groups is shown below:

Cape Town Interfaith Initiative

Borne out of the 1999 Parliament of World Religions, the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative is seen as a driving force in the pursuit of inter-religious understanding and dialogue. Since its inception, the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative has broadened the scope of interfaith activities at local, City and Provincial levels, with a view to building a model for other Provinces. Unitarians have been very active in this organization.

International Association of Religious Freedom  

“The IARF is a UK-based charity working for freedom of religion and belief at a global level. We have a century-plus history of encouraging interfaith dialogue and tolerance, with member groups in 25 countries, from faith traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto and Zoroastrianism.”

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance 

“Almost all other religious web sites explain only the beliefs of the webmaster or sponsoring faith group. We are different: we try to explain accurately the full diversity of religious beliefs, worldviews, and systems of morality, ethics, and values. We hope that you will find our essays helpful and of interest.” 

Turquoise Harmony Institute 

Turquoise Harmony Institute was originally established in 2006 as Interfaith Foundation of South Africa (IFSA) in order to foster relations among different faith and cultural traditions to contribute to the well being of humanity. They encourage and facilitate exchange of views and experiences between different parts of the society and engage in activities that are aimed at stimulating critical thinking and analysis of affairs affecting the lives all people. (Sept. 2016 -This site, which is operated by a group of Turkish Muslims, is apparently off line because of the political situation in Turkey.) 

Center for the Study of World Religions 

The CSWR at the Harvard Divinity School has particular interest in the historical and contemporary interrelationships among religions, and the theological, philosophical, comparative, political, and ethical challenges facing religious communities and those who study them today. This link is to their huge collection of written and video lectures indexed by the author’s name.

Center for Religious Tolerance

The CRT promotes peace and social justice through spiritually based interfaith activities. Our work is guided by principles of fairness and compassion grounded in an abiding belief in the unity of human consciousness and nourished by faith.